Gegege no Kitaro Course (Sakaiminato)Report♪

【Gegege no Kitaro Course】We took a walk♪♪

【Start:Yonago Kitaro Airport】

 This airport bearing Kitaro’s name serves as the point of departure.  
 There are many shooting spots in the airport facility.

【Yumigahama Cycling Road(Miho Bay Observatory Parking)】

 A brand new road built exclusively for an enjoyable cycle or walk.

【Mt. Daisen across the Yumigahama Coast】

 Over 1,300 years have passed since the founding of the first temple on the slopes of Mt. Daisen, the tallest mountain in the Chugoku region.

【Yumeminato Park & Yumeminato Tower】

 Overflowing with monuments and greenery, Yumeminato Park and the area around Yumeminato Tower offer fantastic views of Mt. Daisen making it a great spot to take break.

【Takenouchi Industrial Park & Showamachi Area】

 Enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood at the fish market, cafeteria, or one of the other nearby spots.

【Sakaisuido Channel Bridge】

 A huge bridge that spans the Sakaisuido Channel which connects the Sea of Japan to Nakaumi.

【Fish Road】

 A wide variety of gourmet eateries fill this road lined with fish themed objet d’art.

【Mizuki Shigeru Museum】

 This commemorative center full of Kitaro themed objet d’art showcases the collected works of the celebrated manga author.

  With a little luck, visitors might even encounter Kitaro and his companions walking through the area.

【Mizuki Shigeru Road】

 Area where you can enjoy the bronze statues of Kitaro.
 There are many eating spots nearby! Also compare the drinking of local sake at the sake brewery. . .

【Footbath at Onyado Nono Inn】

 Locals love to come soak their feet at this soothing footbath.

【Goal:Sakiminato Station】

 You made it!

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