WTC Participants

List of Participating Organizations

North America
American Trails - United States
hut 2 - United States
PBR Hawaii & Associates, Inc. - United States
State of Hawaii, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Na Ala Hele, Trails and Access Program - United States
State of Hawaii Na Ala Hele Trail and Access Program- United States
The Bruce Trail Conservancy - Canada
Alliance for the Sendero Pacifico - Costa Rica
Fundación Caminando Panamá - Panama
South America
WWF Brazil – Brazil                      
European Ramblers Association – Denmark
Paths of Greece – Greece
Clare-GetSidetracked – Ireland              
Turismo de Galicia – Spain
S.A. de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo – Spain
World Trails Network- Switzerland          
China Volkssports Association/ – China       
Mountain Journey China – China
Jilin Provincial Government – China
Great Himalaya Trails – Nepal
Daegu Green Consumer's Network – Korea
NPO Gubee Gil – Korea
Gutgosipeun Busan Corporation – Korea
Gangwon Provincial Government – Korea
Gangwon Convention & Visitors Vureau – Korea
Jeju Olle Foundation – Korea
Korea Walking Federation – Korea
Neapo Trail – Korea
The Pathway Foundation– Korea
Yeoju Yeogang NPO– Korea
Public Organization League of Walking《Ginseng》Primorsky region/ – Russia
LLC "Portal Sezonov" – Russia
LLC "ROZintur" – Russia
LLC Vladsportservice – Russia
The Thousand Miles Trail Association – Taiwan
Taipei Hiker – Taiwan
Culture Routes Society – Turkey
Japan Long Trail Association – Japan
Japan Nordic Walk League – Japan
Japan Walking Association – Japan
Kyushu Olle Certification Council – Japan
Kagoshima Prefectural Government – Japan
NPO Mirai/Walking Resort Tottori – Japan
Sanin Kaigan Geopark Trail Council – Japan
Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau/Kumano Kodo – Japan
Walking Shikoku Association – Japan
Momofuku Ando Center – Japan
Wakayama Prefectural Government – Japan
Kobe Yamanote University – Japan
and Others
Bibbulmun Track Foundation – Australia
Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia – Australia
Department of Sport and Recreation in Western Australia – Australia
Trails WA – Australia          
South Africa
Rim of Africa Mountain Trail – South Africa                
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