World Walk Festa

World Walk Festa in Tottori

Saturday, 15 October

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Course Distance Registration time/venue Departing Ceremony/Start
Mt. Utsubuki and Akagawara Walking Route 5.7km 11:30~  Kurayoshi Park Square 13:00/13:15
Hokuei Mystery Route
5.5km 9:00~  Meeting Plaza 9:50/10:15
Taste of Kotoura Walk:
Koto no Ura Route
7.0km 8:50~ Tohaku Public Park 10:00/10:20
Taste of Kotoura Walk:
Mt. Daisen Falls Route
5.0km 8:50~ Tohaku Public Park 10:00/11:00

Sunday, 16 October

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Course Distance Registration time/vevue Departing Ceremony/Start
Former Kurayoshi National Railway Line and 1300 year-old Sekigane Onsen Walking Route 8.3km 9:15~ Sekigane General Athletic Park 10:30/10:45
Route around Lake Togo and Mt. Umano 18.0km 8:00~ Chinese Garden Enchoen 8:40/9:00
Lake Togo and Retro Streetscape Walking Route 5.0km 9:00~ Chinese Garden Enchoen 10:00/10:20
Japan Heritage Route 9.0km 8:00~ Furusato Health Village 9:00/9:30

Entry Fees (pre-registration required)

General : 2 Days 1,500yen,  1 day 1,000yen
Student (high school and above) : 2 Days 1,000yen,  1 Day 500yen
middle school students and below : Free
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