Vege-Kani fair Tottori


Tottori origin Vegetables × Crabs. That's the Vege-Kani campaign. Just take in seasonal vegetables and charge your body with vegetable power for the new healthy year.  We want all people including Vegetarian and Pescatarian to enjoy Tottori meal. 22 people will win Crabs-related goods from Tottori if you answer the questionnaire after having enjoyed the Vege-Kani menu.


Sat 15th Jan. ~ Mon 28th Feb. 2022

What is Vege-Kani menu ?

Tottori prefecture origin vagetable dish or Vegetable & Crab dish, using at least one as the ingredient - Kinoko Mashroom/leek/Broccori/Akamoku seaweed/Ginger/Strawberry, which are produced in Tottori pref.

Veges used

 白ねぎ  syokuzai あかもく いちご

You can see the each prducers story in Youtube! (ENG subtitles set)

Log-grown Shiitake mashrooms, Leek, Ginger,Broccoli,Akamoku seaweed, Strawberry

しいたけ動画    動画サムネイル 

Hotels and Restaurants 

Onsen Ryokan Marumo 温泉旅館 丸茂

458 Eiraku onsen cho, Tottori city

Bistro Fripan ビストロフライパン (Restaurant)

204-12 Sakae machi, Tottori city

Operation lunch 11:30~14:00 dinner 18:00~22:00 Bistro 20:00~24:00 Close Sundays

Fukutaya Ryokan 福田屋旅館

238 Yoshioka onsen cho, Tottori city

Tsumikusa no yado Yunaka 摘草の宿 湯菜花

632-1 Yoshioka onsen cho, Tottori city

Sanshien 国民宿舎 山紫苑

972-1 Imaichi, Shikano cho, Tottori city

Kurayoshi City Hotel 倉吉シティホテル 

543-7 Yamane, Kurayoshi city

Hotel Saint Palace Kurayoshi ホテルセントパレス倉吉

1-9-2 Kamii cho, Kurayoshi city

Blancart Misasa ブランナールみささ 


Misasakan 三朝館

174 Yamada, Misasa cho

Misasa Yakushi no Yu Mansuirou 三朝薬師の湯 万翆楼 

5 Yamada, Misasa cho

Koi no Yu 鯉の湯 

35-2 Hawai Onsen, Yurihama cho

Kaike Tsuruya 皆生つるや 

2-5-1 Kaike onsen, Yonago city

Izakaya Shouya (restaurant) 居酒屋 庄屋

140 Meijicho, Yonago city 

Daisen Utopia 大山ユートピア

36-17 Daisen, Daisen cho

Allegies, Vaegetarians, Vegans welcome!

Chirol & Shirakaba  チロル&白樺 

39-2 Daisen, Daisen cho

Toyama Ryokan とやま旅館 

18 Daisen, Daisen cho


Through the Vege-Kani campaign, we will tackle the following SDGs challenges:
・ "Food diversity" such as vegetarians, allegies etc.
・"Utilization of local ingredients" that will return profits to the local community and lead to the promotion of agriculture, forestry and fisheries
・ "Local production for local consumption" that minimizes CO2 emissions by its transportation.


Questionnaire and Presents Campaign

If you answer the questionnaire after dining at the Vegi-Kani restaurants, 22 people will win crab-related products.

Questionaire (link to the form)

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