About initial budget compilation, etc.

For the coming February assembly session, I have compiled the initial budget of 337.9 billion yen and have submitted it speculatively to the assembly. Today, I explained to the assembly steering committee about the target items. The items include industrial development to secure job opportunities and revitalization of local communities that seek the Japan’s best prefecture to develop favorable environments. For the realization, I esteem human relations, learning, and nurturing that I wish for the children’s bright future. I would also like to promote a local town, collaborating with volunteers and NPOs (non-profit-organization). In addition, I would like to aggressively promote reforms of the prefectural administration. As for the February supplemental budget, I will propose to the assembly to incorporate the subsidy of two thirds of the heating oil costs for the families on relief into the supplemental budget together with some ordinances. At the initial budget compilation this time, soon, I will be able to practically start up my policies called “Jisedai kaikaku (New Reforms)” that I pledged last April.

About measures for a new type of influenza

It is becoming a situation where we must urgently take measures for a new type of influenza. On the 19th of this month, the prefectural administration will hold the first round crisis-response meeting. I would like to invite experts knowledgeable about this disease to this meeting, and they will discuss a basic approach to this issue.

About the fake labeling of Sakyu Rakkyo (shallots)

The fake labeling of Sakyu Rakkyo has been revealed. It is extremely regrettable if one of the prefecture’s specialties was hurt by such fake labeling. We have figured out that it was by the Tochigi prefecture’s producer and they have used shallots made in China. The prefecture must formulate thorough ongoing safety measures to protect our Sakyu Rakkyo brand.

Q. Could yell us your impressions of your first budget compilation? Put simply, what budgets have you drawn up at this time?

Honestly speaking, it was really hard for me. I especially worked hard at creating financial resources. Please understand that I have set the figure to 337.9 billion yen after no end of trouble. This initial budget compilation at this time was drawn up under the catchphrases of aspiring for the practical start of “Jisedai kaikaku (New Reforms)” and giving the residents vitalization and safety.

Q. Immediately after you took office, you established the Headquarters for New Forms where a young team was organized under the prodding of governor. Were the nine items budgeted by the recommendations from the team?

The prefectural administration as a whole must be one brainpower. It cannot be an adequate administration if the prefecture only employs ideas from the top-down; ideas from the bottom-up should also be reflected. I am delighted to hear that nine policies recommended from the young team were accepted in the budget. In fiscal 2009 or later, I want to open up a chance that allows junior staff members to participate in policy formation.

Q. Regarding the continuation of Seoul-Yonago route service, I think that Asiana Airlines is worried about the seat occupancy in April or later. What approach will you take?

I am now proposing to Asiana Airlines that we will stop the emergency aid for Seoul-Yonago route service. At the end of last August, Asiana gave us notice of the suspension of this route service. At that time, I thought that, to upend their offer, a shock treatment, namely, the emergency aid, was what we could do. Importantly, it will be absolutely essential for improving the seat occupancy.

Q. For filling of the shortfall in revenue, in which area did you make the most strenuous efforts or a drastic cut? Contractors in the prefecture are arguing the decrease of public work projects. How did you respond to them?

In the last couple of years, public work investments have been decreased about 10%. It’s very much a situation in which such investments have been slashed above the nation’s ratio. Since the employment within the prefecture must be secured, we have to have a certain level of the public investments. Through various attempts, we have finally caught up with a 3% cut, which is the state program. The question is how we can manage to raise our financial resources. I will focus on making new financial resources in the period of the initial budget compilation for fiscal 2009, including earnings from property that the prefecture possesses. In other words, I will secure the financial resources by the partial disposition of the prefecture’s properties. In addition, I will shorten the personnel costs overall by positively streamlining the organization. Looking at things in the long run, the above will contribute to a sound fiscal structure.

Q. The administration is proceeding with measures for physical distribution and economic policy to attract companies into our area. Is that supposed to gain financial resources into the future?

In that way, I will compile an expansionist budget. I have thought of increasing tax revenues in the future by the attraction of companies or the like.

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