Change in English Press Conference Summary Service

The Tottori Prefectural Government Public Relations Division has been making summarized versions of the governor’s regularly-scheduled press conferences available in English on the Tottori Prefecture website. However, we have decided at this time to suspend this service.

Because of time associated with creating summaries and translating for the English version, information was typically uploaded about 2 weeks later, meaning information provided was already dated. Further, there were concerns that making past information available would cause confusion.

The advent of free internet-based translation software makes it possible to continue accessing the contents of each press conference. Instead of selected highlights, this allows interested parties to see the entirety of the discourse at each conference.

Below are a few major internet translation sites that you may use:

Google Translate

○Excite Translation

Yahoo! Translation

  For a limited period, we will continue to make summarized versions of the press conferences available in English by request only. To make a request, please fill out and submit the form specifying the date of the press conference you are interested in. Please be aware that it will take 3-4 weeks to process and complete your request.

Press Conference Summary Request Form
This page contains summaries of the main statements and answers to media inquiries from the Governor's regular press conferences.

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