Regarding the supplemental budgets in June assembly session

I have compiled the supplemental budgets for assessment. So I am ready to propose a draft of the assessment that I will discuss at the assembly session starting from June 6th. In the assessment items, I incorporate key issues such as industrial promotion, job security, education (learning and raising children), welfare and urban development that I need to approach now. Basically, the supplemental budgets include preliminary costs. I have also prepared some budgets for the items that I have made pledges in the manifesto. As for the issues relative to the promotion of industry and employment, I want to draw up a budget for supporting the companies that will launch to produce a new product and then to put it into operation. I, together with municipal people and experts, am aiming to pursue the Tottori prefectural industrial development. I will therefore create a budget for the project so that we will be able to be designated as the model prefecture to implement the Local Industrial Advancement Law and get a head start over the other prefectures. I will incorporate budgets: for the organization to survey the marketing of “Food-rich Tottori Prefecture (Shoku-no-miyako)” to the metropolitan areas; for study of the opening of a pilot shop in the metropolitan areas; and for a public relations campaign for the 9th Wagyu Cattle Performance Competitive Exhibition which will be hosted by Tottori prefecture this year (held every five years nationwide). As for the fisheries industry, I drafted a budget for the promotion of Sakaiminato Port including a prefecture-run market. Relative to the welfare matter, I am considering introducing the Child-support Passport. This has been provided as a research cost under the initial budgets, but I have judged this to be a project cost. Regarding the education matters, I have created a budget for establishing a review panel in the prefectural education board aiming for progress in children’s studies. I created a budget for up to 100,000 yen for medium and small companies that institutionalize giving paid leave of a week or more to their male employees for their parenting. To promote the regional infrastructure, I have created a budget for the Tottori Highway and Sanin Express Highway public works projects which are conducted by the contractors. Finally, as for the medical expenses for the specified diseases involving the disabled self-reliance support, I will propose a revision in the June assembly session, targeting the midcourse correction in the September session.

About schedules, etc.

Early next week, I will discuss with the Tottori-elected Diet members the problems in the state systems, together with the urgent matters to request a solution from the central government. The employment issue in the local prefectures is severe. For example, the effective demand-supply ratio of labor force grows stagnant in Tottori prefecture. However, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare says that job offers posted at the job-placement offices is recovering as a nation. It does not make sense that, for this reason, employment offers are slashed not only in the big city but in Tottori prefecture. I expect two Tottori-elected Diet members to take the real local circumstances to the government. On May 30th, I will call a gathering for the planning of Tottori prefectural industrial promotion. I want this gathering to be the first step of revitalization of industry activities. Next week, I will have a meeting with the municipal leaders to discuss administrative matters.

Q. How aware are you of the advancement rate in higher education institutions in the Tottori prefecture?

Referring to the objective data, I am aware that the advancement rate of our prefecture is a little lower than other prefectures. But I think that the rate is not an indication of the academic ability. It will be incorrect to measure everything with such a rate.

Q. In the supplemental budgets discussed in the June assembly session, 10 million yen of investments to Gainare Tottori (hometown soccer team) was created in the budget. What did you base your decision on? And what is your thought for this soccer team?

It is our prefecture’s dream that a professional team grows in hometown and forays on the national stage. I, as a Tottori resident, want to pull for the home team with my whole heart. Recently, I watched the game of Ryutsu Keizai University vs. Gainare Tottori. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay longer, but I was so exited to witness the goal by our team in 10 minutes or so. The Gainare Committee requested us of investments of 20 million yen. I agreed to a certain amount of investments, not covering the full amount, taking into account the favorable collections of fund from private sector. So I decided to invest half of their request. I will contribute to the further development of Gainare, depending on the promotion of status to J2 or the fund-collecting situation.

Q. What is behind a drastic revision of medical expenses for specified diseases?

I understand that many disabled people and institutions to support their self-reliance are suffering under the introduction of the law to help the disabled become independent. I totally agree with creating a structure that supports the disabled to become independent in the real sense of the term. However, this is also a hasty and strict mechanism forcing the disabled and their families to share too much of the expense and it imposes hurdles on the welfare institutions. Furthermore, medical expenses for specified diseases, which the prefecture has introduced, are raising considerably heavy criticism and there is a shadow of uncertainty being cast from the concerned people. As the result of investigation, I have found that it is obvious that the person or family having a disabled member feels unpayable burden share due to no income or low incomes. So I ask people if they think such medical expenses, which were shown to the residents in previous fiscal year, are appropriate. I will propose an alternative after reviewing the previous contribution. I have no intention of changing the philosophy that financial burden generates dependence on benefits. Following this idea, I have decided to apply a certain consideration to the families that are financially strapped. I will re-examine some of the current contributions within the scope of the household whose inhabitant tax is exempt from taxes, and leave such household unchanged as before. There are a variety of opinions, and I am open to any. I want the assembly members to discuss this issue fully in the June session.

Q. Could you tell us if you have something to say to the central government through the channel of the Tottori-elected Diet members?

I want the Tottori-elected Diet members to become familiar with the local circumstances. For example, the management of day care service for children is really tough especially in sparsely populated areas like Tottori prefecture. Since there are bare minimum of fields that I think the central government should cover, I will appeal for support of the Diet members, and I will explain to them these things.

Q. What is your evaluation of the supplemental budgets after compiling them for the first time as governor?

The supplemental budgets I began at this time may be insignificant in the whole budgets. But I think that these budgets will fit well into the administrative reform and the reform in the coming new era. I need to address many pending costs for creating a scheme reflecting opinions on-the-scene or in the private sector in policy planning, for establishing a partnership to market the Food-rich Tottori Prefecture (Shoku-no-miyako), etc.

Q. Regarding the removal of the name Donghae (East Sea) on the monument built in Kotoura Town as a token of Exchange between Tottori Prefecture-Gangwon-do of South Korea.

What do you think about the idea that the monument is rebuilt using the designations of both Japanese signage of Nihonkai (Sea of Japan) and Hangul letter of Donghae (East Sea)?

The designation issue often attributes to the conflict between the two powers. I emphasize the importance of people to people or region to region understandings, extending further to the prosperity of East Asia as a whole and across national boundaries. I wish to continuously challenge the international exchanges making good use of the experience of the heated controversy in a positive way. The epitaph on the monument was built and maintained by Kotoura Town. I want to watch and wait to see how the situation develops.

Q. How do you connect the 9th Wagyu Cattle Performance Competitive Exhibition with “Food-rich Tottori Prefecture”?

This is a great opportunity that we introduce the participants from all the country to our rich and seasonal foods through the 9th Wagyu Cattle Performance Competitive Exhibition. Taking this opportunity, I want all participants to see and hear how the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry, which links to tourism, should be. I want to work toward obtaining the people’s satisfaction in the good sides of Tottori prefecture like the food-rich town.

Q. There is request from the press to have the governor hold a press conference in the middle and western parts of the prefecture.

Possibly, I hope to have the press conference one or two times a year in these areas.


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