Supplementary Budget to Be Presented in November

 We are now compiling the supplementary budget to be proposed in November, and the compilation policy is nearly set. Since the development of the debate on the budget in the national Diet is unclear, we will adopt two-stage tactics, under which we will proceed with our viable projects at first for the time being, and thereafter, make additional budget propositions while monitoring how the discussion will develop in the Diet.  As for the projects to be implemented at first, we are planning to strengthen the earthquake resistance of prefectural high schools, which we can conduct on our own without thinking about the national supplementary budget, and also to provide rice farmers with emergency loans, appropriate some budget for services aimed at people with severe behavioral disabilities, provide capital to Gainare Tottori (a professional soccer team based in Tottori), and support enterprises in Tottori Prefecture in their facility investment upon business reorganization. These projects will be worth about 1.09 billion yen in total.

Conference to Decide on Venues of National Arbor Day

 With regard to the venues for the 64th National Arbor Day in Tottori Prefecture, we are scheduled to have a discussion with the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization today. According to our current plan, Tottori Hanakairo-Flower Park will be used as the main venue for ceremonies, with tree planting held in its adjacent areas, followed by Okudaisen Kogen and Kagamiganaru (hilly areas in Tottori Prefecture).

Requests to National Government

 Next week, I’m scheduled to go to Tokyo with members of the Tottori Prefecture’s six local organizations (six local organizations: the six local associations including those of prefectural governors, municipalities and local assemblies) and make requests to national lawmakers and ministries for construction of expressways, and designation of the Sakai Port (in western Tottori Prefecture) as a key port in the Japan Sea Rim.

Meeting of Governors’ Association in Each Block

 The meetings of the Kinki Bloc Governors' Association and the governors' association of the Chugoku Region will be held consecutively. As the meeting of the Chugoku Region’s governors will be held in Tottori Prefecture, we will seize this opportunity and show the governors around the San’in Coast Geopark and Tottori Sand Dune for the purpose of promotion.

Meeting with Governor of Khabarovsk Krai

 Next week, we are scheduled to invite Governor Shport of Khabarovsk Krai of Russia to Tottori Prefecture and issue a joint declaration concerning the friendship exchanges between the two regions. Khabarovsk is not only a central city in the railway network in Russia but also a core city in the Far East. I hope that the friendship exchanges will contribute to development of economic exchanges and interchanges between our children in the future.

Q. Tokyo is debating whether and how to join the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). What’s your take on this issue?

 I think it’s dangerous to rush toward participating in the TPP without completing exhaustive discussions. I think that the national government should propose comprehensive plans which contain measures to deal with the negative effects of the said participation in the TPP, to provide relevant compensation and to maintain the competitive edge of domestic industries, and also listen to the opinions of the parties concerned and conduct cautious discussions before drawing a conclusion.

Q. You are scheduled to make requests to the headquarters of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Will you be specific about the details of the requests?

 In order for the Yonago-Nagoya flight services, which are going to be suspended from January next year, to restart at the earliest date, I’ve planned to make joint requests with the vice governor of Aichi Prefecture. In addition, I’m planning to make proposals to ANA regarding an increase in the number of flights of Tokyo-Yonago and Tokyo-Tottori flight services, enhancement of service contents, and creation of tour packages in the San’in Region with the use of air flights.

Q. What do you think of the leakage of the video footage of the collision with (Japan Coast Guard’s vessel and) the Chinese fishing boat in the Senkaku Islands?

 Japan is an insular nation. Exchanges and trades with foreign countries are essential to us. So it’s necessary for Japan to build firm relations with our neighboring countries. In addition, it’s important to assert what should be asserted, and participate in the diplomacy which contributes to Japan’s national interest, I think. From a different point of view, the leakage of information from within a national governmental body will pose questions on approaches toward organizational control.

Q. Regarding your intention to show prefectural governors around San’in Coast Geopark and Tottori Sand Dune on the sidelines of the Chugoku prefectural governors’ conference, what other collaborative measures do you have in mind?

 (After the reporter’s asking specifically about how to use the Chugoku governors’ association for the Geopark and related collaborative systems,) The San’in Coast Geopark could be an entrance to attract tourists across the Chugoku Region. This initiative has a potential to develop wide-area tourism, I think.

Q. Regarding the wide-area tourism, Hiroshima Prefecture is planning a similar local development project to the one implemented by Tottori Prefecture. Do you see any likelihood or possibility for the two prefectures to collaborate?

 (After the reporter’s referring to Hiroshima Prefecture’s plan to invite the filming crew of a Korean TV drama,) It would be an interesting plan to travel around the location sites of the TV dramas in Hiroshima and Tottori Prefectures. I’m willing to use this occasion to exchange ideas among prefectural governors of the Chugoku Region.

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