Suspected Abduction Case of a Japanese Woman

Suspected Abduction Case of a Japanese Woman

We ask you to contact us if you have any information.

kyouko matsumoto

Victim Profile

Victim : Ms. Kyoko Matsumoto

Age : 29 years old (as of 1977)

Address : Wada-cho, Yonago-city (as of 1977 )

Occupation : Former company worker

Height : 155 cm high

Case Summary

On the night of October 21st, 1977, Ms. Kyoko Matsumoto disappeared somewhere after her mother saw her walking from behind as she was leaving from her house. She has not been found since then.
The Tottori Police are continuing investigations on this case, suspecting that Kyoko was abducted by North Koreans.
If you know of anything, please provide us with any small information on this case.

Site of Suspected Abduction

sits of suspected abducation

Aerial view of the scene and the surrounding area
aerial view

Contact :

Higashi-machi 1 - 271, Tottori-city, Tottori-prefecture
Tottori Police Headquarters Security division First Security Section
Phone : 0857-23-0110 ( ext. 5799 )

Link : Japan Police Agency